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Imprinted Concrete Repairs Manchester

We carry out imprinted concrete sealing on residential and commercial properties in and around Manchester. Our concrete sealing service is available in Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Wilmslow, Salford, Wigan and Sale.

Imprinted concrete is very durable but does need maintenance as problems such as surface whiteness, flaking sealer, peeling sealer and cracks may need some aspect of repairs.

Imprinted concrete sealing can be a tricky process if not done correctly. If the concrete has been laid properly from the outset, it should only require a top up coating of concrete sealer every 4-5 years to keep it in good condition.

However, if the concrete has been poorly laid or not enough sealant applied when first installed, problems can soon occur that may need rectifying at a future date. Colour loss, 'cracking' and general surface degradation are all problems that we frequently encounter and are asked to put right.

Driveway Cleaning Manchester provide a total restoration service for imprinted concrete driveways and patios in the Greater Manchester area. First we use our high pressure cleaning equipment to remove any surface growth or dirt. We will then repair, re-colour and re-seal the concrete to bring it back close to how it should have looked when first laid.

Please click here to see our gallery of pattern imprinted concrete restoration projects.

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