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Decking Cleaning Manchester

Decking is a modern feature of many patio areas in homes across Manchester, so its no surprise that we receive many enquiries from homeowners who want their decking cleaned to keep it looking good.

Decking is one of the hardest surfaces to keep maintained simply because it attracts algae and moss faster than most other surfaces. At installation it very often looks amazing, but can soon appear to look grubby with constant exposure to the wind, sun and rain. The algae and mosses can also make the wood very slippery when damp or wet.

Driveway Cleaning Manchester will pressure wash wooden decking across all the Greater Manchester area, including Stockport, Oldham and Bolton. We use the very latest decking equipment with the correct accessories specially designed to clean wooden decking without causing any damage. 

Once the decking has dried off, we recommend treating the wood with a high quality decking oil to keep it looking in good condition for as long as possible. See gallery here....  

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